Standing up for Women’s Rights

In the era of Donald Trump, women’s rights are under attack everywhere we look: Republicans are working their hardest to restrict a women’s right to choose, to undermine equal pay for equal work, and take us backwards. We cannot and will not go back.

In Congress, I will stand firm against any attempts to limit a woman’s right to choose or restrict access to safe and affordable healthcare for women. I will be a strong advocate of equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, universal pre-k and fight my hardest to ensure women and girls in America are afforded exactly the same opportunities as anyone else.

That’s why at the Knight Foundation, I worked hard to promote programs like Girls Who Code and Babson’s Women Innovating Now LAB that support women entrepreneurs here in Miami.

After Donald Trump’s election, I was proud to participate in the Women’s March with my wife, Danet. Since then, we have also seen a surge of activism led by the courageous women who sparked the #MeToo movement. As your representative, I will work hard to combat sexual harassment and assault and proudly support legislation like the ME TOO Congress Act to bring real enforcement and accountability to Congress and address this issue with concrete action.

In Congress, I will take firm steps to fight for women’s rights and build on the progress we’ve made because we can’t afford to turn the clock on women’s rights.

Our nation is only at its best when we are realizing the full potential of every citizen. When women and girls succeed, we all do.