Strengthening Labor and Workers’ Rights

America’s middle class is strongest when unions are strong. Organized labor has helped ensure every American gets a fair a shake.

Collective bargaining has been instrumental towards ensuring a fair wage, safe working conditions and protecting workers from exploitation.

In recent years, we’ve seen near-constant partisan attacks meant to undermine organized labor. I will always fight to protect workers rights and strengthen the labor movement.

I am fully committed to fighting for a living wage of at least $15 an hour. I firmly believe that the minimum wage must be a living wage. I will stand firm against any attempts to exploit workers and work hard to strengthen overtime rules.

I will promote fair trade practices that ensure we are creating good-paying jobs for American workers. I will oppose any trade deals that undermine American workers, threaten our environment or our national security.

I'm committed to fighting for an economy that grows the middle class and gives every American a fair shot at success. When Donald Trump seeks to weaken labor rights, I will fight back to put working people first.