Smart Solutions to End Traffic and Create Opportunity

In Congress, I will work closely with partners at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure we are bringing a comprehensive approach to address traffic congestion and make our community more accessible for everyone. An interconnected transportation system that is frequent, reliable, and safe is critical to growing jobs and our economy and will help close gaps in connectivity to bridge a widening opportunity gap in our community.

There is a direct correlation between access to public transportation and economic opportunity.We must ensure that all residents have access to the transportation services they need—especially our seniors, people facing economic challenges and people with disabilities. People need a variety of ways to get around: supporting public transportation, additional investments in infrastructure, and embracing shared economy technologies will reduce congestion and ensure everyone is able to move around our community with ease and efficiency.

In solving South Florida’s mobility challenges we must keep an open mind. Transportation is a rapidly changing sector of our community. South Florida needs to be adaptable and open to new and more efficient transportation options as they emerge. We should be at the forefront of implementing smart, comprehensive transportation strategies.
We can—and should—use the latest technology to ensure smart, efficient public transit that will keep our community moving—whether that’s traffic signal prioritization, express route pilot programs, or an entirely new technology.

Ultimately, collaboration between all levels of government will be necessary if we hope to address traffic and mobility in a real way.