People Not PACs

Corporate and special interest PACs (political action committees) are mailing checks into D.C. to purchase outcomes on votes. That’s why D.C. is dysfunctional, that’s why voters don’t trust their elected officials, and it’s why I won’t accept a dime from PACs.

Our democracy is drowning in money, and—as a result—voters have lost faith in our political system. It’s time to turn a new page in our politics and restore trust in our democracy. I want to run a campaign that’s authentic, rooted in our values, and direct—that’s why I took a pledge to only accept contributions from people—not PACs. I have also pledged to not accept a dime from federal lobbyists. You can read more about why I took this pledge here.

If elected to Congress, I would support the No PAC Act and join the No PAC Money Caucus. The No PAC Act ban contributions from PACs to members of Congress as well as the establishment of Leadership PACs.

This isn’t the only or best solution to getting big money out of politics but it is a step in the right direction. In the 2016 election cycle, PACs contributed more than $360 million to just House candidates, and PACs have already contributed a whopping $123 million to House candidates for the 2018 cycle -- that’s a lot of money and banning direct contributions from PACs is just one way we can limit the outsized influence corporations and special interests have had on our elections.

Ultimately, we need to support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United Decision, and bring greater transparency to election spending. I believe that meaningful campaign finance reform must include an end to dark money, stricter disclosure regulations, and greater transparency in campaign finance. As Americans, we have the right to know to whom our politicians are beholden.

It’s past time that we turn a new page in our politics. We’ve seen what happens when demagogues like Donald Trump leverage fear and distrust of the political process to come to power.

This is about restoring trust in our democracy and I’m proud to be running a campaign powered entirely by people--not PACs.