Doing Right by Seniors

Everyone deserves the right to live out a dignified retirement. The first part of that is honoring a lifetime of employment and hard work with a commitment to the promises made by the United State Congress.

Donald Trump wants to starve government and forced cuts to earned benefits that Americans have worked their entire lives for. I will always fight for our seniors, and Social Security and Medicare are both promises that I will never break.

But beyond that, we must pass new laws that implement responsible regulations on the nursing homes with whom we entrust the care of our loved ones—the fraud, abuse, and neglect that is so commonplace in the nursing home industry is unacceptable; it is time that we do right by our seniors. That means bringing greater transparency and accountability to an industry that impacts so many of us.

Increasingly, we are finding that at-home caretakers are able to offer better long-term care options at a higher quality of life. We should support these options and help set industry-wide standards that ensure a consistent quality of care for our loved ones.

Finally, as we battle discrimination in the workplace, it is critical that we recognize ageism and strengthen the laws already on the books that outlaw discrimination. We all deserve a fair shot at providing a decent life for our families—no matter one’s age.