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New Poll Shows Matt Haggman Gaining Momentum Among Voters in FL 27


August 6, 2018

BREAKING: New Poll Shows Matt Haggman Gaining Momentum Among Voters in Florida’s 27th Congressional District

Miami, FL – A recent poll of likely democratic voters in the 27th congressional district shows Matt Haggman as the only candidate gaining momentum with just over 3 weeks left before the Florida democratic primary. The poll, conducted by RABA Research, has Haggman at 16%, second place among all candidates and an increase of 11% from the last poll released in June. Donna Shalala, who has led in previous polls, saw a significant drop of 17% in her support.

Haggman’s strong rise to second place is a clear sign that his message is resonating with voters who are hungry for fresh ideas and new leadership. With weeks left until the primary, this second place positioning shows Haggman continues to gain ground with a strong chance to win on August 28th and represent the Democratic Party in the General Election.

Michael Edwards, Campaign Manager of Haggman for Congress, released the following statement:

“These numbers reflect exactly what we are hearing each day as Matt and our team are out knocking on doors.  Voters are looking for new leadership and as they learn about Matt’s vision they continue to come our way. To see where we’re at with just over three weeks left until the primary compared to where we were a few months ago, this is a testament to the strong campaign that has been built.  As a first time candidate, Matt did not come in with the name recognition Donna Shalala did. This new poll shows the campaign’s upward trajectory as we continue to gain momentum and support among voters in the 27th district,” said Edwards.

“While we steadily gain support we are also encouraged by the significant room for continued growth. When you look at the poll, 59% of likely voters could change their mind and over a quarter of the electorate is still undecided. We will continue to knock on every door and meet voters across the district, drive Matt’s progressive message forward, and take this race all the way to victory in November.”

Jeff Liszt, Co-founder of Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, also released the following statement:

“The vast majority of voters haven't made a firm choice yet, and the race is still very much up for grabs. And as voters have started to hear about Matt Haggman for the first time, he has gotten traction,” said Liszt.

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View the poll here.

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