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Letter from Marta Viciedo: We need him to represent us...


I’m going to keep it short and simple. 

I’ve known Matt Haggman for 5 years. He embodies the innovative thinking and unrelenting drive that we need to move our community forward. 

The basic idea fueling Matt's campaign is simple: Talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn't. And he means that literally. For years, Matt has worked to expand opportunity in South Florida at the Knight Foundation. And before that, he wrote stories for the Miami Herald about people who were limiting opportunity for others -- like swindlers who took advantage of the lax regulation in the mortgage industry to coax thousands of home-buyers into borrowing more than they could really afford. 

I am a transportation advocate. I am passionate about this issue because it affects virtually every aspect of our community and personal lives. Matt knows that our lack of regional public transportation is holding Miami back. It is making it harder for people to access job or school opportunities that are across town. It is degrading our quality of life. It is making us less resilient. 

In short, Matt has always worked on making Miami a better place, and his commitment to taking on transportation is one of the ways he will accomplish that. Congress is just another call to public service for him, and I'm proud to support him. 

That’s why he needs your help. We need to keep up the momentum of our campaign so we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity they deserve. Donate now at this special link to help keep the momentum:


Marta Viciedo 

Director of Urban Impact Lab and Transit Alliance Miami


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