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Letter from Manny Medina


If you know Matt, you know that he does whatever he can to better our community.

At the Knight Foundation, Matt engaged our community, brought us together, and helped provide us with the tools that we needed to build our community.

Matt is the person who has been laser-focused on building Miami’s startup and tech community, expanding opportunity across the city and elevating our city. We share a vision for South Florida becoming an emerging center of entrepreneurship and innovation.

And Matt was an early supporter and active participant with eMerge Americas, the largest tech conference in Miami.

Now I’m doing what I can to elect Matt to the United States Congress. I couldn’t think of a better leader to fight for South Florida.

Please contribute now to ensure Matt has what it takes to win.

Matt’s run for Congress won’t be easy. We have already seen that his opponents, Republican special interests, and pundits are searching for any sign of weakness from our campaign.

This is why Matt’s grassroots support means so much. Together, we will ensure he has what it takes to combat whatever comes our way.

I’m proud to support Matt Haggman for Congress and ask you to join me. Contribute to his campaign here to keep up the momentum >>>

I know Matt is grateful for your support!


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