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Letter from Former Mayor Manny Diaz


When I first met Matt in 2001, I knew he was the real deal. His strong passion for and his unwavering commitment to our city have helped transform Miami into one of the world’s great cities. During his time at the Miami Herald to the Knight Foundation, Matt demonstrated a strong record of getting things done for our community.

I have known Matt for over a decade and I’m convinced that he represents the type of leadership we need in Congress today. Will you join me in supporting Matt Haggman for Congress?

In today’s political environment, we need people like Matt who value unity, respect, and the need to help one another and acknowledge our shared destiny. He belongs to a new generation of young leaders who will restore the true meaning of public service in Congress.

We need Matt in Congress to fight for our values every single day, but he needs the resources to get there. Pledge $27 or more today to help send Matt to Washington to go to work for South Florida’s 27th District >>>

I am thankful to know Matt as a friend and as a colleague, and I hope someday to know him as my congressman as well.

Manny Diaz
Former Mayor of Miami


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