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Letter from Felecia Hatcher


A few years ago, I had an idea: I wanted to create an event that would celebrate and connect black entrepreneurs from across the United States and the world. The problem was that to make that idea a reality, I needed resources.

Enter Matt Haggman. As Program Director of Knight Foundation, Matt supported me in creating what became known as Blacktech Week. Four years later, Blacktech Week has grown to a 6-day festival, bringing over 2,700 attendees and 150+ speakers to Miami every year.

Matt brought Blacktech Week to life -- and I know he will further expand educational and economic opportunities for South Florida when he’s in Congress. When he asked me to be a co-chair of his campaign, I didn’t think twice -- and said yes. 

I hope you will join me in sending Matt Haggman to Congress to represent ALL members of our community >>>

My dream to give back became a reality in 2014, but it would never have gotten off the ground if Matt and Knight Foundation hadn’t stepped in to make that dream come true.

Matt is committed to making our community a better place; that’s why we need his voice and drive in Congress. Join Matt’s campaign today >>>

I hope you have the opportunity to meet Matt in the coming weeks, and see why he is exactly the leader we need representing us in Congress today.


Felecia Hatcher
Founder of Blacktech Week and Code Fever

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