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Letter From Dave Lawrence: A leader, a caring soul...

Dear Friend, 

For 35 years in journalism -- not wanting to show any partiality -- I never donated to political candidates. In my time since, I've made some donations -- not many. And my instances of hosting candidate receptions are preciously few.

But I have made exceptions when candidates truly inspire me and Matt Haggman is an exception. And yes, I was honored to host a reception just the other evening for his Congressional candidacy. 

Matt's not a "politician," but rather someone l've known and admired for years -- first for his fine journalism, then for his work in philanthropy and community building.

I've made a contribution to his campaign because he embodies the sort of spirit and caring soul that can help lead us to the highest meaning and purpose for our beloved country. I hope you will give, too.

Please join me in making a contribution to Matt's campaign to help send him to Washington to work for us. 


Dave Lawrence 





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